New Nordic Ventures invested in is a company that developed neural network optimisation tool for AI developers and Edge AI companies. ENOT developed a unique technology that helps to achieve outstanding optimisation ratios – acceleration up to 20x and compression up to 25x, resulting in costs savings of 70% of total computing resources (hardware) costs.

ENOT customers: Edge AI companies – ENOT optimised neural networks for the well known smartphone and other smart device manufacturer, leading smart camera manufacturer etc. AI software companies – ENOT launched a product for AI engineers that helps to optimise neural network in “few clicks”.

ENOT started selling its technology to Edge-AI companies. Despite successful projects with tech giants, ENOT tried to explore more dynamic market. ENOT launched a product for AI companies (including AI startups) that helps its customers to achieve significant efficiency improvement (in terms of costs savings and much faster product launch), as a result it reduced its sales cycle from several months to one call. team: 7 engineers, including PhDs in computer science. Global award winners of low power AI challenge, outperformed MIT team. 

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New Nordic Ventures invested in MONQ Lab.

Monqlab is an AIOps platform for instant detection and prevention of IT failures and effective IT infrastructure management. Monqlab is the most efficient solution that helps to automate detection of IT incidents and reduce incident resolving time.

Monqlab customers: businesses with complex IT infrastructure e.g. telcos, banks, retail, airlines etc.

After gaining large customers in CIS region, MONQ Lab started its international expansion and we are happy to support MONQ Lab on its journey. We see that European companies like MONQ Lab’s product due to its flexible architecture and reasonable pricing. MONQ Lab is the only feasible solution for those customers who need to consolidate their IT monitoring in one system, but who cannot afford super expensive “all-in-one monitoring” products e.g. IBM or Microfocus. 

Monqlab team: 20+ engineers

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