New Nordic Ventures invested in Rapid Delivery Analytics

We are pleased to announce our recent investment in Rapid Delivery Analytics (RDA), a France-based data analytics startup specializing in big data analysis for the e-grocery market and quick commerce applications. Major FMCG brands utilize RDA’s data platform to assess sales and marketing performance in real-time, ultimately enhancing sales and boosting margins in the e-grocery sector. RDA currently aids leading international FMCG brands such as Danone, Mars and Unilever in examining sales data and benchmarking against competitor performance across over 20,000 dark stores operating in Europe’s largest markets.

Quick commerce has become a vital sales channel for FMCG brands, accounting for more than 10% of total sales in certain product categories and experiencing rapid growth. As a result, FMCG brands are increasingly interested in evaluating their performance in this segment.

With extensive expertise in e-commerce analytics for FMCG, Rapid Delivery Analytics founders have developed a product tailored for top-tier international clients. We are thrilled to support RDA’s team on their dynamic journey and ongoing growth.

New Nordic Ventures invested in Moeco

We are happy to announce our latest investment in Moeco, an advanced logistics observability solution company that combines observability software platform with proprietary devices that provide Moeco customers with real time data covering the most essential parameters in goods transportation.

Founded by serial tech inventor Mit Gorilovskiy and Ukrainian 🇺🇦  tech entrepreneur Alexa Sinyachova, Moeco’s inventive solution has shown remarkable commercial success in its mission to reshape logistics and supply chain management. The platform’s accuracy in real-time tracking and monitoring of goods and assets transportation conditions, as well as its unique offering of disposable, recyclable trackers has caught the attention of logistics industry leading players, including leading international logistics companies and connectivity operators (as resellers) with whom the company has signed commercial contracts.

Moeco team combines exceptional tech engineers and professional business leaders who demonstrated professionalism and high motivation in working with the New Nordic Ventures team. It is important to note that New Nordic Ventures acted as a lead investor and attracted a strategic co-investor – the leading fruit logistics operator in Europe who recognised the quality of Moeco solution and also joined the investment round.