New Nordic Ventures invests in Petabox, a new gen cloud storage enabler

Happy to announce our new investment in Petabox.

Petabox enables corporates to adopt decentralised storage infrastructure for backups and non-core data storage, i.e. archived data that is not used by companies on a daily basis (e.g. data sets used for AI models training, archived video streams etc.) 10x cheaper 💸 than in traditional cloud ☁.

Companies store huge amount of data which is not used in their daily operations and cloud operators consume huge amount of power to store such data. E.g. in Ireland 🇮🇪 data centres consume almost a fifth of Irish electricity and according to the state-owned electricity operator EiGrid, Dublin has been facing regular blackouts due to excess demand, thus, the operator imposed a moratorium on new data centres. As a result, Amazon and Microsoft were forced to explore alternative options in Europe 🇪🇺 for their data centre expansion projects of nearly EUR 2bn. Thus, Petabox not only provides a super cost-efficient and secure solution to its customers, but also has a huge sustainability impact potential 🍀 ⚡.

New Nordic Ventures is proud to support Petabox in its mission to make data storage more sustainable, affordable, and accessible. We believe that Petabox has the potential to become a significant player the data storage ecosystem and create a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our new investment – drug safety startup DrugCards

We are happy to announce our recently investment in the innovative Ukrainian 🇺🇦 startup DrugCards! 💼✨

DrugCards is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry with its cutting-edge technological solution that automates regulated pharmacovigilance processes for international pharmaceutical companies. CEO of the company Dmytro Horilyk and his co-founders have extensive experience in pharmaceutical industry, including regulatory affairs, thus DrugCards provides total compliance with the EU drug safety regulations. 🏥💊

We are excited to be part of Drug Card’s journey as they continue to pave the way for enhanced pharmacovigilance and contribute to the advancement of healthcare solutions across Europe. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership! 💪🤝