New Nordic Ventures invested in is a company that developed neural network optimisation tool for AI developers and Edge AI companies. ENOT developed a unique technology that helps to achieve outstanding optimisation ratios – acceleration up to 20x and compression up to 25x, resulting in costs savings of 70% of total computing resources (hardware) costs.

ENOT customers: Edge AI companies – ENOT optimised neural networks for the well known smartphone and other smart device manufacturer, leading smart camera manufacturer etc. AI software companies – ENOT launched a product for AI engineers that helps to optimise neural network in “few clicks”.

ENOT started selling its technology to Edge-AI companies. Despite successful projects with tech giants, ENOT tried to explore more dynamic market. ENOT launched a product for AI companies (including AI startups) that helps its customers to achieve significant efficiency improvement (in terms of costs savings and much faster product launch), as a result it reduced its sales cycle from several months to one call. team: 7 engineers, including PhDs in computer science. Global award winners of low power AI challenge, outperformed MIT team. 

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