New Nordic Ventures invested in Green Growth.

Green Growth provides a real-time precise yield monitoring solution for Agribusinesses. The company solves a crucial issue for farmers, who cultivate grain varieties. After the integration of Green Growth solution agribusiness will be able to create a map of yield and to see how much of the harvest was gathered from every quadratic meter of the field, which will show the problematic areas and will help to make right decisions on how to optimize the use fertilizers for the following season.

Green Growth customers: any size agribusinesses who cultivate grain varieties, legumes etc. and have different varieties of equipment which do not have a function of yield mapping.

Founders have relocated to Riga and have started expansion of Green Growth on the European market. Various Agribusinesses confirm that their solution is quite a hot topic for the majority of farmers. The company has started its expansion in the markets of the EU, and we are going to help them with it, as one of the main strategies of New Nordic Ventures is to help talented teams from CIS to grow their business internationally and to relocate.

Green Growth team: 8 people, extensive experience in the field of HW and SW R&D.

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